Genes, Boobies and Other Accessories


In the last few years I’ve been faced with many medical decisions. Some have been harder than others. Some more critical than others. Regardless of the serious nature of each decision, I have had to keep a sense of humor about it all. Sometimes life is just weird and you just gotta roll with it. That’s why I’m writing now. Not for any other reason other than to chart my journey over the next few months and hopefully support other women who might be going through something similar. I hope it’s also a way for my friends and family to feel connected to me during this experience.

I’m a 32 yr old BRCA2 gene carrier* (see note below) and on April 18, 2012 I will have a preventative bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction.

It’s a tough thing to talk about with many people because it seems severe and extreme at first mention. I hope that through my writing I’m able to minimize the shock-factor around the term “bilateral mastecomy” and share my perspective on my decision. I’ve realized that its a uncomfortable topic for many people. I have found myself uncomfortable at times talking to people about it for fear of making the other person uncomfortable. I’ve realized that leading up to my surgery date, I’ve had to have some of the weirdest conversations of my life. The experience has been so unique, an outlet for sharing it is exactly what this blog is all about. In fact, if you had told me a few years ago that I’d have a casual conversation over drinks with strangers about nipple tattoos and wearing tshirts with no bra for the first time ever, I wouldn’t have believed you.

I’m excited about my new life post surgery and nervous and scared. I know that I’ve made the right decision and in the end…who doesn’t want a boob job?!

So Ta-Ta tatas! It’s been fun, but you’ll end up killing me…and I’ve got too much to do to let that happen.

*Note: On Aug 6, 2012, I received information telling me I am actually BRCA2 negative. When I started this blog, had surgery and completed my 12 of 16 fills, I found out that my test was negative. Although this is a portion of my story, I can not continue to acknowledge that I am BRCA2 positive. I also can not deny that when this all started, I believed I was. Read the rest of my blog to find out all of details of my journey through a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction.


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  1. I admire you so much!

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