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Today’s To-Do List

Today I woke up to revise my list of “To-Do’s” since surgery is a week away. I’m a planner…to a fault. I know this. I embrace it. Ain’t no shame in my game. I am suddenly very aware of things that I take for granted right now that I won’t be able to do for a few weeks post op. There are certain limitations that I’ll face for a little bit like lifting my arms over my head and lifting anything over 2 lbs; which, as my good friend and breast cancer survivor Ginny says – is the equivalent of a cup of coffee. My “To-Do” list continues to grow as I look around my apartment and see things that I could do to make life easier after I get home and stop taking the pain meds. So here’s my current list of things swimming in my head right now:

  • Interview housekeeper to come biweekly – hire by Friday
  • Find someone to bribe into doing laundry the week of May 14 – Mary??
  • Move makeup in bathroom to second shelf
  • Put laptop desk thingy from IKEA together (pray it’s not as hard as the computer desk was a few years ago) and put by the couch
  • Locate and assess availability of button up shirts in closet and move the rest to the other closet
  • Wash new button up pajamas and pack bag for hospital
  • Take otter box off of iPad – iPad should lose about 2 lbs that way
  • Buy wax and wax legs and armpits Sunday night. Yes, I just realized I won’t be able to shave for at least two weeks. Might need help with this as I tend to have performance anxiety after I apply the wax strip to my skin and can’t always pull it off myself. Mary you’ve been warned!
  • Put step-stool by bed
  • Put tongs to reach stuff with in bathroom, by bed and by couch. This is an effective tool for reaching things in the kitchen; it should work well for me in other rooms too. If the T-Rex was as resourceful and brilliant as I am she would not be extinct – beat you (Jess/Steve/Mary/Michael) to the joke about my tiny ineffectual arms.
  • Need more pillows – and do they make that TV pillow anymore that you prop up on?
  • Find a new series to read and download – pronto
  • See Hunger Games before Wednesday
  • Research prosthetic boobies….hot and uncomfortable or hot and worth it?

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  1. Tiny arms? Never noticed…now I’ll be looking at your arms when next we meet. 🙂 Quite a list — and I’ll send the energy your way to get all of those things crossed off before surgery day. What kind of books do you like to read? I read anythign and everything…I might have some recs for you, if you want.

    • Yes! I’d love recommendations! I read everything…I just finished Hunger Games. I like books in series a lot. I don’t have a genre that I exclusively read. Send me names some of your favorites!

      • Well, I’m sort of late in responding — but if you haven’t read the Janet Evanovich series of books about Stephanie Plum (bond agent/bounty hunter), you are missing out. Warning though: they will make you laugh so hard you might bust a stitch or two! The first one is called “One for the Money”. Enjoy!! (I think they all come as audio books, as well, in case you can’t focus too well on all that vicodin. Hee hee!)

      • I think I can focus on books now. LOL I’ll loo these up! Thanks!

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